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Musicianship Training for Singers

Super Sight Singing is run by London-based, professional vocalist and pianist Connor Going, with a view to providing comprehensive musicianship training for singers of all backgrounds. Because singing is the one form of musical expression that is universally and instantly available to everyone, singers can work practically on their voice for many years before ever encountering music theory. While familiarity with the theory behind music isn't necessary to be a great vocalist, it does provide a much richer and more fulfilling experience for the individual and the musician.

Super Sight Singing's comprehensive courses follow the Kodály Method (named after 20th-century Hungarian musician and educator). Kodály was initially developed to provide music education for children, and so introduces core musical principles from the ground up, with no prior music theory knowledge or experience required! The pedagogy introduces clear, step-by-step musicianship training - that teaches students how to interpret sheet music, the theory behind it all & how to sing at sight - essentially, how to read music!

With a variety of modules that can be structured and adapted accordingly - from workshops to ongoing weekly classes - Super Sight Singing offers a fun, accessible way to enhance your musical experience and practice, whether you sing professionally or just for fun!

To see what previous participants have said about our training click here or, if you'd like to get in touch, please leave a message on the Contact page.

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