Super Sight Singing's Spring Term is now underway - offering musicianship classes, virtual choir sessions and more! 

Musicianship Classes:
Our comprehensive weekly classes provide an ideal starting point for those new to music theory. You'll be learning how to utilise the Kodály Method - a technique specifically designed for singers, which introduces core musical principles from the ground up, with no prior musicianship knowledge required.

Virtual Choir:
A fun, social space to enjoy group singing! Running concurrently with the above classes, these sessions will operate similarly to in-person choir rehearsals, focusing on vocal delivery and performance of repertoire. Elements of Kodály will be worked into these sessions too, to allow for some practical application of your musicianship skills.

Private Coaching:
In addition to group activities, Connor also offers private coaching, suitable for anyone who would like some more personalised, 1-to-1 tuition in Kodály, voice production, keyboard harmony or other! With individual lesson-plans and flexible pricing, Connor is happy to accommodate & augment your musical learning where possible.

If you are interested in any of the above activities, or for further details including rates etc., please leave a message on the Contact page or email: info@supersightsinging.com.

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