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Thoughts from some Super Sight Singers!

Testimonials: Student Testimonials
Matt Jones.jpg

"Why don't more people know this stuff? This course is so useful and makes learning new music so much easier. I feel much more confident about approaching sight singing now. Connor is a great teacher: a clear, confident and relaxed approach that really made each session a joy."

Matthew Jones

Chloe Parks.jpg

"Connor has taken away the scary nature of sight singing by teaching a clear way of how to approach it. Armed with these tools I feel much more confident and have had a laugh in the process! I'd definitely recommend this course he is offering - I'm so glad I did."

Chloe Parks


"I've just finished the Beginners Course and I highly recommend it, it's the secret class every choir singer should attend! Connor breaks down the method in a fun, accessible way. There's no pressure to sing to others. I now have a step-by-step approach to demistify a new piece of music. Thanks!"

Shayela Khan

Joshua Barr.jpg

"I'm thoroughly enjoying learning the Kodály Method from Connor. His approach is very clear and patient, and he makes the learning fun! I'd definitely recommend this course to any musician, or someone looking to improve their sight reading ability!"

Joshua Barr

DSC_7028 sylvia colour.png

I highly recommend Connor's sight singing classes, having attended both the beginner and intermediate courses. He provides clear guidance on the Kodály Method, plenty of examples to practise and a teaching space where students can feel comfortable to raise questions and share feedback at any time. If you find sight singing intimidating like I used that you won't after this course.

Sylvia Silas

Aleshia Aires 2019.jpg

Connor was attentive and connected in his teaching style and ensured that everyone was comfortable asking questions and moving forward before doing so. I came out of the course with a solid, useful understanding of the Kodály Method and feel much more confident in my sight singing ability.
For anyone who is looking to take the first few steps into sight reading, whether for your own skills or to be part of a choir, I would highly recommend.

Aleshia Aires

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